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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gartner publishes "Top 10 Technology Trends in Information Infrastructure in 2011"

Key Trends that are more germane to areas where we can help our customers:

- Social Search
- Content analytics
- Content Integration

You can download the entire report here.

2010 was very interesting. Companies started to realize that the "Voice of the Customer" can be heard in forums not controlled by the company. Can't control the format, can't control the timing, can't control the veracity - but - cannot ignore the content. If you want a leading indicator of customer sentiments about your products, brand or people - keep tabs on the social media forums - blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. The unstructured nature of this content has put a big question mark around the efficacy of existing IT strategy and investments in Master Data Management. These systems will need to evolve in 2011.

As the content continues to grow exponentially, context-aware applications will become more useful for customers. In addition, content analytics will provide better guidelines for content producers, aggregators and consumers.

Should make for an interesting 2011.


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