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Wednesday, February 20, 2008's Salesforce Content Platform is Just the Beginning for Sales-Friendly Content Federation

It's interesting to look at the announcement of's new Salesforce Content service and to see how they are becoming an ever-stronger player in managing content for the enterprise. Part search engine, part social tagging tool, part document management, part distribution service, Salesforce Content makes it easy for sales teams and marketing departments to get sales collateral and other key materials into the right hands at the right time easily.

Looking beyond the relatively limited scope of content in this product introduction, though, it's clear to me that SFDC is defining an interesting niche between traditional content management services for enterprise portals and document management services. In other words, why make your users wrestle with getting content into and out of repositories that have little to do with one's job focus when you can manage it in a collaborative, workflow-oriented workspace that their eyes are glued to every day?

This move by places pressure on more traditional repository vendors to provide their content in workflow-oriented environments more easily and quickly. That's where Muse can come in, obviously: why hassle getting enterprise content from multiple sources into an environment like when you can have The Content Machine from MuseGlobal take care of those interfaces for you? Workflow platforms like are becoming the front end for many types of professionals. You can't afford to have them leave your own content platform behind as enterprise content migrates into these environments. Help your customers bring their own content along for the ride - and let us partner with you make it easy for them to do it.

Congratulations to for another step forward in putting the most valuable content that sales and marketing professionals need to succeed in the right place at the right time. It's Muse-ic to our ears. Sorry, couldn't resist...