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Monday, August 11, 2008

Tapping the Application Explosion: Why Wait to Deliver Great Content?

The Apple iPhone 3G is turning out to be a huge success by any measure, with Fortune magazine reporting today that its sales are going to top 3 million handsets since the the 3G-compatible model made its debut a month ago. The success of the 3G iPhone is being powered by the introduction of downloadable applications, which make the phone highly usable without having to resort to using a Web browser. Apple's CEO Steve Jobs claims that there have been more than 60 million application downloads for the iPhone already, enabling people to get information, share content and data and to do many of the things that they used to rely upon the Web for in most instances for content services.

Getting popular applications embedded into content platforms is all the rage on many fronts, of course. On the Web social media portals like Facebook applications have enabled a wide array of content sources to embed their information and capabilities into their portal while on the enterprise front and other Software as a Service applications and portal services have made embeddable content a must for any publisher or content service provider. The big deal with the iPhone, though, is that these applications are living outside of the Web browser that comes packaged with the iPhone are are adapted to make the most of the iPhone's unique user interface. So not only do you get an appliance that's convenient but you also get one that have a wealth of functionality built into it - enough, perhaps, to make many people wonder why they're bothering with a PC at all these days. At around $200 for the latest model, courtesy of AT&T's subsidization of the iPhone, it's a question that's getting easier and easier to ask.

While there are still a relative handful of trend-setters equipped with this popular new device, its presence should send out a loud and clear signal to people who like making money from content that adaptability to various platforms - and bringing in high-value content to those platforms - is accelerating yet again the pace of change in the content industry. Just as you thought that you had your Web portal all sussed out, along comes another Web for mobile platform into which applications can be embedded that requires you to play catch-up all over again with a new set of competitors. When Google's new Android phone platform gets introduced later this year, the cycle will start again. At the same time these new platforms create opportunities to take information from a wide variety of sources and to make them usable all over again in new ways. Maybe yesterday's application using just your own content could benefit from new content sources as well.

Whether you're shifting your platform strategy to take advantage of these emerging applications platforms such as the iPhone or looking at an opportunity to bootstrap your own idea for serving up content MuseGlobal can help you to get a leg up on your competition quickly and effectively. Our Muse Content Machine is a highly flexible content delivery architecture that enables you to
connect any number of content sources to any number of delivery platforms quickly, securely with very little or no new development required to get all of the content that you need up and running on a new platform. MuseGlobal has been working for more than a decade to connect thousands of different types of content sources to all sorts of networks and applications environments, allowing you to focus on what you do best - offfer the best content through the best applications. With over 5,400 pre-built connectors to different types of content sources we can help you to accelerate your application development cycle for any new platform significantly - while allowing your brand and service to shine through our OEM-licensed capabilities.

Consider the iPhone just the opening salvo in a new war for people's attention on mobile platforms that joins an already noisy chorus of content applications vying for people's attention in new and exciting content delivery environments. If you're up and running in these environments already, we can help you to accelerate your strategy with more content integrated into your services before you know it. If you're discovering that it's time for you to consider how to get all-new applications moving on a new application platform, we can help you to get up and running in weeks rather than months. Whichever your situation, MuseGlobal is here to help you make the most of these exciting new environments rapidly, reliably and effectively.