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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Changing Times - Who's Reading, What and Where

Excellent chart published today by eMarketer that shows the different platforms preferred by different age groups to get news. IMO, the duo-platform mode (both traditional print and new digital platforms) is indicative of the transition phase that we are going through right now.

In an year or two, more of us (even if we are not 21 years old) will let drop the habit of "traditional" platforms. I am trying to kick the habit of reading a newspaper in the morning and simply catching up on the news on my laptop, iPhone or my wife's iPad. (iPad is by far the most convenient platform - especially before the morning coffee kicks in).

Take the Wikileaks story. Its almost a waste of time to keep abreast of this interesting story in a newspaper. The videos, documentaries, documents themselves - compel you to follow the story from your nearest browser.

Our increasing tendency to get and share news with our trusted friends will only drive us further away from "static" traditional platforms like newspapers and magazines. What do you think - are you ready to "kick" the habit?

I am trying hard.


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