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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Birth of the Intelligence Grid: Content Connectors Deliver Mission-Critical Insight for Law Enforcement with MuseGlobal and Capgemini

MuseGlobal's new partnership with professional services firm Capgemini is off to a rousing start. Our world-class content connectors are being recognized widely now for their ability to deliver mission-critical content from (and to) key sources of enterprise and Web content. No surprise, then, that Capgemini Government Solutions approached us when they were faced with the challenge of integrating more intelligence and background data that would allow public officials to connect, collaborate on, analyze, investigate and identify public safety risks for government agencies in the U.S. Can't say more about the client at this point, of course (you understand), but Gapgemini needed to expand their vision for providing a broad array of information sources to law enforcement officials that would not be compromised by the typical challenges of content integration and applications development.

Do you recall how at the time of the 9/11 attacks the F.B.I. had an information system that could respond only to single-word search queries? Security-oriented government information services have improved a lot since those dark days, but in doing so there has arisen a galaxy of repositories that need to be pulled together to have truly effective information services - just as major government budget constraints begin to kick in. Capgemini had a vision as to how to pull these services together, one that needed to be done rapidly, cost-effectively and reliably. Hello, MuseGlobal? You mean, you can connect us to that content now? You mean, you can implement this when? Before you know it, the Capgemini Intelligence Grid was extended, integrating content from all of the key sources that law enforcement officials need to catch the bad folks using MuseGlobal's exclusive MuseConnect architecture.

MuseGlobal Smart Connectors truly were the key to this project. Unlike other content connectors, which are very limited in their ability to be configured and maintained easily, MuseConnect content connectors are readily adapted to any content source quickly and encompass a library of more than 6,000 pre-configured content connectors for the most likely sources and platforms that content integrators require for robust federated content applications. Also unlike other content connectors, our Smart Connectors are maintained by MuseGlobal automatically, so you can keep your entire range of sources normalized through MuseConnect acting as one unified source of content.

We're very excited by this new relationship with Capgemini, which demonstrates how well professional services organizations can use MuseGlobal to turn their powerful content integration ideas into real applications. It's one thing to promise sophisticated and reliable content connectivity, and quite another to deliver it in a timely and cost-effective fasion to your clients. Fortunately Capgemini decided to go with the world leader in content connectivity and brought a key expansion of available content to their dream service for law enforcement. Our thanks to our Capgemini partners in relying on MuseGlobal to unify everything that's needed for security intelligence for our nation's law enforcement professionals. What a better way to show the value of unified content.