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Monday, March 14, 2011

Why the Basis of the Universe Isn’t Matter or Energy—It’s Data

Enjoyed reading this interview in Wired magazine with noted science author James Gleick.

He quoted Claude Shannon's views on information:
A string of bits has a quantity, whether it represents something that’s true, something that’s utterly false, or something that’s just meaningless nonsense.
He also made a very succint comment about how he (and perhaps more of us) should look at new technology:

When people say that the Internet is going to make us all geniuses, that was said about the telegraph. On the other hand, when they say the Internet is going to make us stupid, that also was said about the telegraph. I think we are always right to worry about damaging consequences of new technologies even as we are empowered by them. History suggests we should not panic nor be too sanguine about cool new gizmos. There’s a delicate balance.

Here's the link to the interview.


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